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Sexiest party of the year, Armier Beach Party

Yea, apparantly it’s the sexiest party of the year, the Armier beach party from last weekend. Too bad we missed it….. Wait, whut???? Yea, having a terrible month regarding bascially everything that can go bad, we decided to take it easy for a few weeks so we can get back into the scene all revived and reloaded. Watch it June, we’re comin for ya! Bunch Read More →


Fridays…. The day we all wait for with increasing anticipation… but even when it’s Friday it feels like a whole other week fits in between 8am and 5pm. Excitement starts building up around 1ish and when that clock hits 5, I’m brimming with a euphoric high, ready for the weekend and all its possibilities. Usually this is the case for me, but last Friday (or Read More →

sunglasses at night party gianpula

Sunglasses at Night @ Gianpula

Yeah, almost 3 weeks overdue….But better late than never right? I don’t remember a lot since it’s too long ago, but I’ll try. Anyway, the sunglasses at night opening party at Gianpula. It was supposed to be big. Well it was, it was pretty busy and it was good to go somewhere else then Paceville for a change. After some drinks at Black Gold on Read More →

party calendar

Updates updates updates

Well, the calendar has been updated for this month so far and a few events in June. A lot of parties coming up. Off course this is enjoyable for everyone, but the lack of sleep and amounts of alcohol create an effect that we’re lacking updates on the site. We still have to cover the Gianpula party from last (or 2 already) weeks ago…… So Read More →