Fridays…. The day we all wait for with increasing anticipation… but even when it’s Friday it feels like a whole other week fits in between 8am and 5pm. Excitement starts building up around 1ish and when that clock hits 5, I’m brimming with a euphoric high, ready for the weekend and all its possibilities.

Usually this is the case for me, but last Friday (or the one before that?) I was a bit on the down side. Recently I had my fragile little heart smashed by a hammer-wielding beauty. Jay did his job and proceeded to ensure very large amounts of alcohol made it into my system, along with a few quite painful slaps. Which is why we found ourselves at TexMex happy hour on The Strand with like 8 pitchers of cocktails (2 for 1) at around 6ish, is anything better then hanging out with friends and icy pitchers of weirdly colored liquids that promise to make you almost entirely incoherent? As the conversation continued and the drinks kept being poured things dissolved into mostly making fun of each other – I tend to think of the best comebacks way after….

I know we had a great time, but happy hours end and the party must continue, so after somehow dragging ourselves home and managing not to pass out in the shower (8 pitchers k? 8!! fine I’m a little bitch- there), headed to our second home; Paceville. We were reaaaally early, and wasted, and … vague recollections of dirty dancing, more drinking…. we had a blast that night and a very painful morning after –well I did – J seems immune.

We’re looking to spend a lot more time at the beach instead of hitting the clubs as hard as we usually do.  I wanna feel my skin sizzling under the sun, which is kinda hard if you’re always nursing a hangover.

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