Get your game on!

The time has come. Hotels are filling up, spring break is starting everywhere and Malta will be flooded with tourists. So it’s game on bitches!


The strand in Sliema is getting busier and busier, making it the perfect spot to meet new people, set up dates with party girls, or just chill in the sun (yeah…right). This period, which is basically the beginning of summer for most since it’s still cold in their own countries, is somehow a ‘carte blanche’ for them to go totally crazy. The minute they arrive the alcohol starts flowing and it won’t stop until they’re leaving. Party at night, sleep during the day, preferably on the beach, which makes for some funny sights the day after; red lobsters walking around everywhere. Sometimes I think to myself ‘How can these people still walk so freely, they must be in excruciating pain, but it seems that they either don’t care, or are on such a holiday high that they just don’t feel it. Anyway, it’s not the worst thing in the world to have a glowing body next to you at night ;)

I you don’t know how to get one, I’ll give you this super secret tip which works every time, guaranteed…..Are you ready?? Ok, here it comes: Talk!!!!!! Boom, that’s it. Doesn’t seem that hard huh? Funny thing is that most guys actually forget, and just stare instead. Something which I highly advocate, since there’ll be more left for me (insert evil laugh here).


As I said in a previous post, the party season has started and I’m already being overloaded with invites. To give an example, last weekend we had a party at Surfside, after that a birthday party at Melounge and after that we hit Paceville. There was another party at Prestige, but that seemed too much for one day.

This Saturday, we’re having a boat party, then a party at Surfside (yes, again), the opening of the terrace at Melounge and there’s the opening of Gianpula, but I don’t think we will make that so we have to skip that to next weekend.


So I’m busy attending (or at least trying to attend) every party, but I guess there are worse ways to be busy so I’m def not complaining. If you wanna know what’s coming up, check out the calendar to the right, or go see our calendar page.


See you soon at whatever party!!!

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