I’m on a boat!

So by now you must be thinking all we post about on PRM is about partying at the clubs. Well there’s much more ok? We also post… about … partying on boats!! And to get you guys in the right mood here’s a little song.

This last weekend (the one before the last one, yes we’re late with posting, deal with it) was by far one of the best we’ve had on Malta. The company we work for had a whole thing planned, flew over a bunch of employees and the festivities started on Friday with barbeque and drinks.

After somehow waking up on Saturday (bbq and drinks evolved in playing poker and drinks till 2am) we managed to get to the pickup point where a bus brought us to Cirkewwa where we’d be hopping on-board the Turkish Gullet Barbarossa.

Barbossa boat

Btw J wasn’t on the trip, he disappeared sometime during poker the previous night and went out – check out this for his side of the story which from what I hear was more interesting :p


For the most part it was a super relaxed ride, the DJ was appropriately blasting house music all day – and the beer was cold, but not as cold as the water goddamnnn. Was a sunny day but the water still hasn’t caught up, after a few minutes of going numb in it though – you don’t notice anymore :p Sun was enough to make up for it, that lazy feeling you get laying in the sun – priceless. We did some jumps off the boat, checked out the caves in Comino.


Caves were pretty boring but the boat ride was awesome, boat drifting – if you can call it that. The water was incredible clear, would’ve been awesome if we had some wake boards……. that’s being planned already. What else? Thinking about being lazy in the sun… is making me… lazy…  :D

Comino Comino


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