Love at first taste: Chop house

Chophouse meat

Eating at Chop house was an eye-opening experience. Let’s me first point out, this one is going to sound a bit exaggerated. But the thing is, normally I’m not a big food lover.

Food is mostly just gas for the tank. I mean yea sure I can enjoy food, but I would not go out of my way for it. It has to be convenient and easy. That changed after Chop house. Goddamn. I had the best steak ever hands down, no competition. And I’ve been to a few restaurants, not many, but enough to say that this was no little thing. Before I get to the food, let me describe the restaurant a bit because once I go down that road….


Ok so it’s a very relaxed environment, elegant but very comfortable – gives you the feeling of being in a log cabin sitting by a fire, except you’re at a restaurant that’s overlooking the ocean. The service was great and friendly; what you would expect from such a place. It was also fairly full, I never trust an empty restaurant :p, so if you want to eat there be on the safe side and make a reservation. We started the evening with a nice bottle of wine, and while one of the more affordable choices it was really one of the better winChophouse es I’ve had so far – regret not writing down the name. J and me settled for some Angus Rib eye steaks, I chose a mushroom sauce and he had the pepper… mouth watering yet? What can I say, I actually wanted to slow down and enjoy it – which in my case says a lot already. Some baked potatoes accompanied it and really they were just there so I could make it last a little longer. I would marry that steak, take it on a honey moon, undress it by a fire and eat the shit out of it. Honestly I’m planning on going back very soon if not this very weekend. I know I’m raving about with only going once, what can I say – love at first taste.

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