Nordic Bar

Nordic Bar Paceville


This place is one of the smaller places to hang out at, when it’s busy prepared to be packed like sardines. If you are claustrophobic it’s not recommended to go in.

The DJ is usually cool though and you get mostly university kids coming here. You can even spot of game of beer pong sometimes when it’s early and not too full. The people that go here often amuse me though, not sure if they’re on drugs or what. I hope for them that’s the case.

They have a ‘Furry wall’ if that doesn’t tell you anything it’s reference from ‘Take him to the Greek’ :p There’s a small fish-tank at Nordic, last Saturday there was guy staring at it – for hours. Who knows maybe he likes fish.

There’s a small balcony right over the ‘Steps’ (as I like to call them, where you can chill and have a beer while the large crowd of people push through to the clubs. We tend to come here for a few drinks before heading off to our real destination for the night.

Not much else to say about it, cool Bar bro.

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