The Strand Sliema

When you’ve had enough of the busy Paceville area, The Strand is a nice area to spend some time in. There are various spots for either a few drinks or some pretty decent food. The after-work beer spot tends to be Black Gold for our crew, not much special about this spot except for proximity and that they sometimes have live music.

MedAsia is close by and as you probably guess they have Asian food, the sushi I tried there was not bad at all.

TexMex has some big chunks of meat for when you need to feel like a man again, not to mention this is a pretty popular place for drinks before going out or during the week.

Further up on the Strand you also find some other restaurants like Café Cuba which has a menu with a bit of everything, might want to try the General Burger – could barely walk after.


Aside from the Restaurants and Bars this is a nice area to have a walk along the water (or run if your just weird), it leads up to The Point mall at the end which is actually a decent spot to chill/hang out at. Keep in mind that it’s closed on Sundays, but Saturdays my buddy and me tend to drag ourselves to the mall and have a coffee and some cinnamon rolls at Cinnabon and wait for our brains to start working after a usual late Friday night. IMO the shops are overpriced, and the selection is limited but it could be worse. Zombies and shit could be trying to eat you like in Dawn of the Dead. Then again there is a Croc store…

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